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Originally Posted by greglewis View Post
I'm actually working on it, although it's very slow, as I'm not a techie.
Hey Greg, I'm aware of 3 other products going in the same direction and have even been asked to test one, I'm also sure there are many more in development now that I wouldn't even know about. I believe it's a commitment thing as to whether they get done or not.

Originally Posted by GSNorCal View Post
I think it would slow your progress to a stand-still. HogWild has written about his experience, and I concur having pre-run routes with him several times. With all the homework done at the computer, it still takes 2x longer to pre-run a and correct a "draft" roadbook than the route is meant to take (e.g. 2 days for a 1 day route). I can't imagine how much slower still the progress would be if you were drawing tulips, etc, while riding.

Just my experience, YMMV.

What the RallyNav team have done here is awesome, now other programs are popping up, maybe even building on what you've done, all I'm saying is making it mobile would appeal to many.

An app that records my tracks or follows an overlaid track, populates the lat/long, mileage, heading fields and when I want to add a tulip all I do is stop drag and drop the appropriate tulip from a menu, enter and go to the next. Get home, print it out and share it with whom I choose.

It's very close to what you've done here, just like RallyNav, I'm not drawing tulips, just dragging and dropping, just like RallyNav I'm not recording lat/long, mileage or heading, the app is, but it's while you're riding and I think that would appeal to many.

Would that take longer then prerunning it, maybe, would it be accurate, of course. At the very least it would be a great editing tool for prerunning one made at home.

Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
I'm certain I would work a LOT faster and with fewer errors when I'm in a comfortable chair on my home computer using a mouse than on a moto seat using a tablet on my bars with some other input device. And for me, I never make routes in places I've been before. It's ALWAYS new terrain, which often has fences, gates, and other unexpected stuff that blocks my planned path. If I drew the tulips while on the trail, I'd be drawing a LOT of tulips for stuff I eventually have to throw away due to route blockages. I'm sure others have their own way of making rally routes, but a tablet with a roadbook making app on my bike would be of little use for me. It sounds great, but I think in practice it would not be so good.
Sitting in your pajamas sipping margaritas and planning a route will always be one way of using the program, making it mobile, while not the way you'd use it, would cover that market too and expand it's use, as a mobile app I can sit in a bar and sip margs, or sit on the toilet, where I do my best thinking and continue working on it.

Point is why limit it's use to only one method?

You guys are the experts, but the thing is a large portion of us are beginners at this and doing routes that we already know, with side excursions to keep it interesting. You guys are exploring new and exciting routes, we're just exploring the process of making a roadbook and mostly starting with what we know.

So I guess you're saying no app, no standalone PC based program, just a web based program, Bummer.

Please don't take anything I said poorly, I think this is an exciting and growing field, things are moving quickly and I'd hate to see you guys miss out on something like this by limiting it's use.

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