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Originally Posted by Hypnosavant View Post
Missed the morning ride with the Urals so I decided to jump on Browneye's Osborne Cabin ride. I believe the description was "Take the easy way to the cabin. Grab a beer."
Yep, that was the easy way. The hard way is through a wash with tight turns in soft sand and gravel, steps, and boulders to dodge.

The ride was intended to be a casual 20 mile putt to a scenic spot for cocktail hour. We brought 6 beers.

I hesitate to tell people what they should ride and/or what rides they should or shouldn't participate in, but I had to do that for Saturday's ride to Cerro Gordo. I guess 'till you've actually done it, or something similar, it's hard to describe how difficult it can be for a new rider or the wrong kind of bike.

My first visit to DV was the 2011 event, rode there on my Kawasaki Versys. We started out from Ubehebe towards Race Track and I could immediately tell it was a bad idea on that bike. I knew I needed something setup for that kind of riding.

I'll bet next year you'll have a dualsport setup for dez, right???
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