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Super lacing and spoke options for Excel rims.

Hi Danny,

We do have to drill/countersink both the hubs and rims to allow the superlace. It would only be 30 per wheel for us to drill them both, and 128 ea. wheel for the stainless steel spokes/nipples.

We can also supply aluminum nipples for 50 for the front , and a rear stainless steel spoke/nipple kit for 99.

The superlace is very worth it because it adds very little weight, and makes the wheel much more durable. We take all the break in out of the wheel's with the superlace if done properly.

If you wanted us to lace/true them it would be 111 for the superlace on ea. wheel.

Best thing is to stop by and we can get you taken care of.

Thanks zach

Originally Posted by dannyc1225 View Post
Hi Woody,

I have some (21/18) Aftermarket excels (8.5mm holes) for my YZ250 (2009) ready to go. I haven't bought spokes yet..

1) Can these rim's be super laced without drilling/resinking nipple seats? Visually, it looks like the nipple seats and bores can accommodate the little extra angle from the x-3.
2) If so can I buy the superlace spokes from you and build the wheels myself? (I have built a couple wheels a while ago but would really like to do it since I've got some time before the season begins)
3) My riding history says that I am not that hard on wheels so I dont think I would see the value of oversized spokes? (Would like to keep the wheels light)
4) Would you be able to quote me:
a) superlace spokes F & R if possible? or
b) 8.5mm alu nipples for the front oem spokes and 18" cross-2 spoke set for the rear?

Danny (I'm in Denver)
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