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Shipping Wrap Up

I am actually now back in AK. I need to finish up this RR and start looking at my next adventure. Here are my final thoughts on the shipping from Bogota to Miami.

After my day of seeing the sights around Miami I made some calls to see the progress of the moto shipment. The news was not good. The plane was delayed again due to mechanical and no one was sure when it would be leaving. The newest information was optimistic of a late Thursday night arrival in Miami.

At this point I am getting a little irritated. I had changed the end of my trip to visit family and that was all but squashed due to the protest. Now I am looking at more delays due to plane mechanical issues. Also hanging out in Popayan for a week is much more economical than Miami for a day! I sent off a couple polite but direct emails and really hoped my bike would be here before Friday. If it arrives to late on Friday that means I am stuck in Miami until Monday. That also means changing my flights again and a bigger hit to the wallet.

I will say that I do believe that the plane did have mechanical problems. I was told the same thing when my bike was shipped from Panama to Bogota and I did not believe it at all. Also Veronica at Lyn Cargo worked very hard for me and was very professional. However none of that got my bike to Miami any quicker. I was told originally possibly Wednesday but definitely no later than Thursday. It arrived late Friday and I processed the bike at customs without ever seeing it was here at 4 PM Friday. I am not sure if this was even legit but it worked. I wasnít able to get the bike until after 7 that night and it was a hassle.

I asked several times through email days in advance for the final dollar value that I needed to pay. No one could provide that information. I wanted to know because you can only pay with bank check or money order and I wanted to have that in hand when I showed up at the airport. I did receive on email with some babble about the amount on the airway bill plus 5% calculated of the weight of the cargo. I was also told I could pay the destination charges with credit card and when I got there they said no! Hell with them. If they cant answer the question of what I am suppose to pay at the end of all this then they are getting the amount on the airway bill. Also in all my frustration Veronica had sent me an email saying she was trying to get destination charges waived (the 5%) due to them being 3 days late on the shipment.

I get to the Centurion office in Miami with all the correct documents and I can not get the bike because my bank check does not have the $71 in destination charges included in it. I am ready to lose it at this point. I show them the email that says destination charges should be waived and the boss says no. Promised one thing and then told another. We finally come to the resolution that I can pay with cash and I run to gas station ATM with outrageous fees. I also find out my hotel jumped from $100 to $200 dollars that night. In all reality, the moto shipment delay ending up with me spending over $400 more than I would have if it had been on time. I feel the plane mechanical problems were legit, but there were a lot of things handled poorly after that. To not give a customer an exact dollar amount and require payment with bank check or money order is just moronic! Lastly the information given to me where to go is actually their old office and I walked the 4.4 miles to the new office.

Veronica was extremely apologetic and wanted to make things right but that didnít really change my bad experience. There were also others that were very sympathetic but again it didnít put money back in my pocket or days back on the calendar. It has been an eventful and trying end to a great adventure.

There are some other guys that shipped with Lyn about a week before me. I am contacting them to see how their experience was.

Final thoughts on LynCargo: I would not recommend them at this point but I would also not black list them either. There are some good people there that want to provide good customer service. Veronica in Bogota specifically. She has sent me an email asking for my input because she wants to improve the process. Will that happen? I donít know. For me it was a horrible, horrible experience but I see the effort and that they care and for me that goes a long ways.

I have been challenged to my limits in problem solving and patients at the end of this trip. For me it is extremely difficult when logic does not prevail. I thought after months of travel in countries where bass ackwards is the norm I had accepted it! Well in all really went it truly goes haywire, I kept asking why and say this doesít make any sense! In the end I worked through it all. Iíd like to say I remained calm at all times and my blood pressure consistent, but I canít. Sometimes you just got get it out. Itís all good now and I laugh when I tell the stories. I also accept some of the responsibility for putting myself on a tight schedule with the hopes of getting to see family. I have a habit of putting too much on my plate.

Late Friday with my whip back! At some point during all this someone told me I COULDN'T get my bike before Monday. That was all I needed to hear to motivate me!!

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Off before 9 am Saturday morning and heading north to Chesapeake VA. Maybe a detour to Cocoa Beach FL to see some old family friends. Some of them I havenít seen in over 20 years!
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