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Originally Posted by Hypnosavant View Post
Don't get me wrong, your description was accurate I was just inexperienced. I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Your the first person I've met that's owned a Versys. What did you think of it compared to your tiger? I'm already shopping for a sexy thumper to bring next year. Right now the Husky Terra's at the top of my list.
Don't wish to 'jack the thread, but the Tiger is 25lbs heavier with 50% more power and suspension travel. With the 21" front there's really no comparison. I put about 8K on my Versys, was a neat little bike, but the Tiger is substantially more bike. It's still my road bike though, wouldn't think of riding it to Osborne.

The Terra is 40lbs heavier than myTE630, with 2" less suspension travel on each end. It's a nice bike, but not nearly a real offroader. Ken (blaisew) from Houston had both at the rally. As capable as the TE is, it's still no comparison to a 450/525 size KTM/Husky, etc. If you're keeping the 'strom, consider a plated dirtbike - a real one.
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