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Originally Posted by Guy Young View Post
Fook!, I'll be happy when I can get to that point.

I've finally managed to get the front u-joint spline to move back about an 1/8", but it's not staying there. Like it's spring-loaded or something. Not so sure there may be something amuck on the butt-end of the drive shaft where the splines engage the final drive.

I'm going to continue to slowly pull the rear frame section back and see what the front splined joint does. If it looks like it will continue to slide back and off, we may be okay. I can deal with the final drive splines later.

There is a snap ring inside the shaft the clips into a groove on the outside of the output shaft of the trans. It wull snap off with a firm pry from a screwdriver. It is not attached on the other end.

Just makse sure you have the lower T-40 (IIRC) bolt removed. It is right below the swingarm pivot on a small bracket that attaches to the transmission. I had missed this bolt initially because it is not in the BMW manual, but had the same exact response as you!


PS Pulling back the frame without disconnecting the driveshaft from the clip is what cause my shaft to hang up on the clip groove, Make sure you get it loose so the shaft comes out with the swingarm/frame.
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