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Originally Posted by BC61 View Post
Ok, I get it for the start of the day. Same for the start of the first special? Take beginning transit start time, add transit time, check in during the previous minute?

Let's do a simple example:

You're scheduled to leave town at 8am and there's a 60 minute transit. (THESE NUMBERS ARE MADE UP FOR THIS EXAMPLE AND ARE NOT THE ACTUAL SCHEDULE.)

If you leave town at 8:00 am and are looking at a 60 minute transit, you're going to be racing at 9:00am at the first stage, so naturally you're going to have to get your paperwork/time card/everything squared away BEFORE 9:00am. So you check in at 8:59:xx to start racing at 9:00:00.

For the entire rally, when you start a stage is also scored as the time you arrived to start that stage. So take note, you could finish the transit with 5 minutes left in your 30 minute window. "Ahh, great, I made it in time, I'm 20 feet from the start." you think to yourself. If you screw around for 12 minutes, roll up, start... you'll be scored as 7 minutes late.

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