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Can hardly wait for next year!!

Rode into a beautiful valley full of Joshua Trees and then headed into the flats for the "Silt Bed of Hell". It was a 100 years of baby powder and bottomless. Part of the group headed through - I had Chad in front of me so I had a perfect view of him low siding. I honked my horn about 10 times - like I thought the people in front could actually hear me - parked my bike and ran to our downed rider. He was pinned and made it very clear that he wanted that bike off his foot - NOW. It was pretty ugly - the foot peg had his foot pinned into the silt, ouch...I tried to lift the bike just enough for him to pull his foot out, but couldn't do it. Luckily, Paul, John and unknown to me, a medic (sorry, don't remember the name!) were right there and pulled up the bike. We spent a little time getting Chad settled, checked him over and then he rode through the rest of the silt.

I'm the medic and sweeper that day but we also had assistance from Rob from Canada (RED05) at teakettle, I don't know where the 'Chad' came from that's not his name (I cant pronounce it ) But he is known as TekurRides .
I had a great time with you folks, even though we rode first gear out helping tek get back to safety. His foot is a mess.

Still think you need to STANDUP! Paul and I had many 'oh shit' moments thinking you were going down, you proved us all wrong!
Cant wait until next year...
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