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Originally Posted by McKay View Post
I'm the medic and sweeper that day but we also had assistance from Rob from Canada (RED05) at teakettle, I don't know where the 'Chad' came from that's not his name (I cant pronounce it ) But he is known as TekurRides .
I had a great time with you folks, even though we rode first gear out helping tek get back to safety. His foot is a mess.

Still think you need to STANDUP! Paul and I had many 'oh shit' moments thinking you were going down, you proved us all wrong!
Cant wait until next year...

The only place I think I got Chad was when he and his friend were introducing themselves to someone else and I thought he was the one who said "just call me Chad". Better change that to TekurRides!

I'll have to check out knee braces...I'm going to try to hit Jimmy Lewis' class before the weather gets hot in Pahrump (and he closes down for the summer!)

Short bike - long legs.... and I really hate picking up my bike!
I thought I only had 2 Oh Shite moments once we got off the broken up road, must have looked worse than I felt from the back
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