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Arrived PSR wednesday afternoon after 5 days and ~1100 miles of wandering the NV and CA deserts.
(I'll get to that later )

Secured one of the last two tent spaces from Mrs. Roboto, got setup, showered, then off to and
Nice to see some familiar faces already in camp, met some new ones as well

Off to a slow start thursday morning, waiting for the common folk to roll out as more inmates gradually rolled in.

After relocating camp for the rest of the weekend, I offered to run sweep for Browneye's ride to Osborne Cabin.

Let's Ride!

We hit the dirt at Minietta Road and the small bikes quickly disappeared.

I waited a bit for the dust to clear, then trailed Hypnosavant (Chad?) up into the foothills.

Regroup near the turnoff to Lookout City.

Graded road turns to gravel wash soon after... Progress slowed, but Chad was not detered.

Another regroup at the turnoff to Osborne Canyon.

The last 3 miles up to the cabin was a grind for the Wee, but Chad wouldn't give up

I think there were ~5 naps, but I didn't get a picture of any. Chad either had his bike up before I could get my sidestand down, or he was partly pinned so pictures were not a priority.

Finally made it

The job of sweeper is a thankless one and I arrived to find that all the frosty beverages were gone

Whateva... Osborne is a cool spot.

Cabin was very clean and looked to have some improvements since last time.

Time to start heading back...

Chad said downhill was easier... no naps on the way back

Somehow we got mixed in with LostRider's group...

In proper fashion, none of them seemed sure of where they were trying to go.
Some said Lookout City, some said Minietta Cabin, some said Osborne Cabin

The GS looked to be about done for the day

I did what I could to at least get everyone heading in the same direction...

... then hustled on to catch up with my group

Caught up with Chad chasing KLRRob down to the highway.

M1Jeep also makin' tracks

Once all were back on pavement, I zoomed up to PSR for some unfinished business...

About freekin' time!

Buddy Stinez was enjoying the JL torpedo keg as well

Things were lookin' a little fuzzy by the time the moon was up.

MC Joel and Grinchy

More later...

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