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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
There is a snap ring inside the shaft the clips into a groove on the outside of the output shaft of the trans. It wull snap off with a firm pry from a screwdriver. It is not attached on the other end.

Just makse sure you have the lower T-40 (IIRC) bolt removed. It is right below the swingarm pivot on a small bracket that attaches to the transmission. I had missed this bolt initially because it is not in the BMW manual, but had the same exact response as you!


PS Pulling back the frame without disconnecting the driveshaft from the clip is what cause my shaft to hang up on the clip groove, Make sure you get it loose so the shaft comes out with the swingarm/frame.
I think this is the bolt you were referring to... Item 4 in the image:

But then, there's always something.

I purchased a Craftsman bike jack specifically for this job, and for general use in the shop. Came in yesterday and stuck it together last night. Tried to use it today and I'm peeved; danged jack won't hold pressure and stay up. Weight of the lift cradle itself causes it to creep down. I damn sure can't use it like this.

I've used these lifts before and they always worked great, which is why I decided on this one. Local Sears had one and I did an exchange. New one is together and have the bike elevated now, but am just gonna let it sit there for a spell to see what it does. Unfortunately, kinda have to rely on the hydraulics to keep things elevated. The nearest safety catch notch will put the bike too high.

So far so good. Bike has been elevated for about 30 minutes and it's staying put. Time to pull the frame bolts.........

Which I did. It's a done deal now.

FWIW - the front splined joint slipped right off as I was separating the two halves.

Anyway, will pull the transmission tomorrow and find out just how bad off the clutch is. A little concerned with the face of the flywheel, but we shall see once we get in there.

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