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Originally Posted by FYYFF View Post
I am checking SPOTs and saw that Andy (Macadamia) turned back from Saline Valley Road right after South Pass where other riders kept going to Springs. Is everything OK?
Originally Posted by sopascat View Post
Looks like he's back at camp now?
Originally Posted by FYYFF View Post
Yeah he is. I hope he is OK. It looks like he was over South Pass. So the rest of the SalineValley Road would be easier.
I wonder why he turned back.
Well, I wanted to make it to the hottie springs this year. Everything started out well, riding along with Cowgirl and Rider914... After stopping at the fork to Hunter Mountain and airing down, we proceeded to head down south pass.

A couple of miles down south pass, after the second stream wash, I got into trouble with the large rocks while heading down hill. I was going too slow and when I applied my front brake, it acted like a panic stop and stopped me cold. The front tire turned and caught a space between a couple of large rocks and with my momentum gone, I went down. A couple of other riders stopped and assisted Rider914 and me to get the GS Adventure back on it's feet. At this point, Rider914 and I had a frank discussion about how much farther it was to the hot springs (far), how much easier it was going to get (not any), and whether or not we'd be back in time for dinner (unlikely). I was given the choice to continue but I decided it was in my best interest to turn around at this point so the others in my group could continue on and finish their ride and I could return to the camp and take a break. I did not want to ruin Rider914 or Cowgirl's ride.

Unfortunately, I do not remember the names of the other 2 riders that stopped and helped me get going. One of them rode my bike up the hill past the first stream wash like it was nothing. I walked up the hill back to my bike. At first, I was embarrassed that I could not complete the ride - I'm not usually one to quit. After accepting a cold water bottle from a nice Jeeper coming down the pass, I knew I made the right choice and got over it... I made it back to camp with no other issues. I actually had a blast riding Saline Valley Rode twice.

As for the GS Adventure, it got a couple of scrapes and scratches, and the only carnage was one of the 2 spring bosses on the kickstand broke off and caused my kickstand to bounce in the up position the rest of the weekend while riding off road.

Rider914 said he took a photo of my bike while it was napping, but I have not seen it yet. Do you have it, Matt? edit: photo found of my nap...

Photo by Rider914

BTW, I'm very impressed by the progress Cowgirl has made since last year. This year, she led this ride the whole way and I did not see her again after the Hunter Mountain fork until she returned to camp that evening. Great job, Cindy!!!
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