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Southern Maryland Adventure Riders--A CornerSpin We Will Go-Hi Ho!

Sometime late last spring, we were out riding on a very tasty road called Sugar Tree. It's got all the classic ingredients of wholesome fun. For 1) it's dirt 2)it's about 80 switchbacks (+/- an order of magnitude) over 18.2 miles 3) it has both elevation and descents. Needless to say, the road just handed my butt. It was like I hadn't ever ridden a bike. Meanwhile, SLiP210 (or was it MTNFlow? ) coming hot off his CornerSpin class was just a full fledge, 80-switchback eating monster. In fact, he had such a zest for attack, he even handed a few riders a pass in the corner using his new found talents.

Anyhow, we had a pretty big summer planned and if there is one thing that CornerSpin has a reputation for is you and finding terra firma. The better part of dignity told us we should head to CornerSpin when we got back from summer travel, lest we end up living vicariously through others in a body cast.

What the heck is CornerSpin

So the fall came, and we had 5 other ADVers signed up for Nov. It was perfect, until we suffered this ill-fated setback on an idle September ride through the woods:

We learned there are 26 bones and 33 joints in the human foot...the hard way:

Needless to say, we missed November.

Watching from a far...

Although there is one more fixation surgery to go next fall, Doc really couldn't find a reason "not to live". So we signed up for a nice March Winter retreat:

Strike two. Did you know it snows in North Carolina? At the end of March? We'll it does!

I was so relieved when the 20F forecast with snow was cancelled the class. It wasn't really the barometer, but as an outdoor facility they even thought 8-15 hrs of mudding exercise would take the wind out of our sails.

I do have pity on the CornerSpin scheduler. She really moved heaven and earth to accommodate everyone back into the que. Some folks like us, chose the next scheduled weekend, while they even held a special session the Thurs/Fri before Easter for those that requested it!

So tomorrow Blaster and I embark on the next building block of dirt riding. And the weather looks to be primo!

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