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I worked for 15 years straight with Intel.... and had saved up quite a bit of money... so did it that way...but the big costs on the trip are the shipping the bike... I think you could say $30 a day for gas, $30 for accomodation. $30 for grub... that would still be just 9000 for a 100 days...

the real killer is getting the bike from Magadan to Vancover...which is the most expensive part....also BMW's are expensive for parts and service....

I've read a few times that a $100 a day is a good marker to use..... to cover gas, accom, food, repairs...... obviously you can do it cheaper....but when it comes to getting the bike out of say Korea.... all the options are expensive...

hope this helps
Thanks for this info, I was very curious myself how you managed financially. Very decent of you to reply to his question. We all want to go and it might be more manageable than we think! Cool.

Watching your videos and just downloaded your book "That I May Die Roaming", very inspiring. Cheers from Vancouver Island.
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