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Originally Posted by Scoobynut View Post
Eastbound, that looks like an even better angle of the bike. Wish that photo was bigger!

I was just on the Honda Canada website and was checking out what accessories are available up there. It looks like those of you who want chrome sidecovers could get them out of Canada. Look for 'Side Cover Kit':

I suspect Honda will make more of the accessories available in the U.S. soon, however.

When I followed this link I noticed the Canadians are offered a Meter Panel, Silver. Part # 08F70-MGC-D30ZB


And with the panel:

Not too shabby!

I saw the plastic Meter Cover kit (08F72-MGC-A20) at my local dealer. Nice. You would have to tap it with your finger nail to know it wasn't a real metal chromed piece, and even then... hard to tell. It comes as a pair of pieces with L and R lettered on the inside for left and right side.

I also saw the Headlight Case Kit (08F71-MGC-D30) while there. Hmmmmm. The surface finish does not match the Meter Cover mirror like chrome surface finish. The plastic Headlight Case Kit surface finish has an "egg shell" finish. Wierd. The parts guy said he was going to call about it to see if it was a defect because he didn't think it was up to Honda's normal beautiful finish standards but when I got home and looked at the Honda Powersports accessories page it was the same wierd chrome finish. You can barely tell in the pictures but having seen it in person I know what the dealer has is the way it is pictured. Still looks like real metal but a different finish then the mirror like smooth chrome finish on the Meter Cover Kit.

Being on the back of the headlight though relegates it to background touches anyway. In some weird way I suspect some engineer guy at Honda knew it would be a hard part to fish a cleaning towel around and designed it that way so owners wouldn't feel the need to struggle trying to maintain its luster like the finish on the easily accessable Meter Cover Kit.

If this opinionated theory has any semblance of truth to it... Those ingenious Honda designer dudes! What deep thought and attention they have given to this model... yeah yeah, I've been sipping the Honda Koolaid

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