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Rally bulletin- gps requirement
ERENDIRA, BAJA CA, MEXICO- With only 30 days remaining until online registration, BAJA RALLY organizers have announced the details surrounding the mandatory GPS requirements for all riders participating in the inaugural BAJA RALLY.

All participants in the BAJA RALLY are responsible for recording their tracks as they navigate each stage of the RALLY. This is for course compliance purposes and is the sole responsibility of each participant. The rally organizer needs to evaluate the route that each participant traveled compared to the actual course so we can verify the participant followed the correct route. Upon registration and technical inspection on Friday October 4th, each participant must deliver their GPS unit to the organizer. A sticker with the participant’s information will be affixed to the device and it will be “cleared out”. GPS units will be returned to each participant just prior to the first stage. At the finished of each day’s timed stage, the organizer will collect each GPS device. This bulletin will address many of the questions and concerns that participants may have.

Recommended GPS units:
GARMIN 60, 62, 76, 78 (all variations of these)
Trail Tech Voyager (organizer will collect the micro SD Flash Card from such devices)

*Please note that participants will need a device to display their “cap heading” for any off-trail navigation and to confirm they are traveling in the correct direction coming out of selected course notes. Therefore, any GPS unit which displays the numeric “cap heading” in a large, viewable format is favored over units which have the numeric “cap heading” in smaller, harder to read format.

*LOWRANCE- (organizer will collect the micro SD Flash Card from such devices). These devices are not preferable for compliance but may still work for participants. However, any participant who uses the a LOWRANCE is obligated to either:
A) Assist the organizer in converting the .usr file to a .gpx file after each stage.
B) Assist the organizer in opening a GOOGLE EARTH file of his/her tracks after each stage.

*Very simply, we are trying to make sure we can see where you went so that you can be given a bona fide timing score for each stage. Significant deviations from the actual route will result in time penalties of various durations at the sole discretion of the organizer.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What if I break my GPS, it runs out of batteries or I lose my GPS?
A: You will get a minimum 4-hour penalty for the stage (subject to change)

Q: If I fail to record my tracks for any reason, can I still continue in the rally?
A: Yes, even if you have a failure and consequential penalty, you will be able to continue in the rally on successive stages.

Q: Can I show up to the rally without a GPS unit and simply take the penalties each day? A: No. Each participant must leave the start of each stage with a functioning GPS unit.

Q: Are there any other purposes for the GPS requirement?
A: Yes. The rally organizer may, at its sole discretion, give each participant a small piece of paper with GPS waypoints (and corresponding descriptions) printed on it at the beginning of each stage. These waypoints are to aid a participant toward an extraction point, highway or to help the participant get back onto the proper route.

Q: Can any of these guidelines change and is it likely they will?
A: Yes. These guidelines can change but it is not very likely.

Finally, the rally organizer chose to use this GPS requirement in the inaugural BAJA RALLY to keep compliance costs down for the participants and organizers alike. It may seem archaic compared to currently available technology, but the cost is low. While the organizer has the task of verifying each participant’s tracks against the actual course on Google Earth after each day’s stages, the burden of recording the tracks falls solely on the shoulders of each participant.

Inquiries about the GPS requirement can be made directly to BAJA RALLY at

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