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Inmate ride to Toroweap

Very nice ride with the inmates -- Desertwater, ringokelly, fly2hi96, StG, DirtyJohnny plus RRR. Wifey says "hi" to all the imaginary friends that apparently have bikes and know how to ride. Good fortune to meet-up with mountainfever at Toroweap also. Friendly Canadians always welcome in these parts, eh?

The ride all starts because ringokelly says he'll be in St. George and it's riding season. Time to get the little kawi loose on the AZ Strip.

These inmates all bust free from their various commitments (not really, ), and we are 5 riders leaving St. George. We plan to meet a 6th rider at the Schoolhouse. He says the "gravel highway" from St. George to the Schoolhouse it too tame. He'll be taking the scenic route from Hurricane straight south -- a bit more interesting.

So, we are at the Schoolhouse. Easy meet-up. Everything is lookin' good. We think Canadians might be around, but no sign yet. Our luck would change.

The bikes: ringokelly's rock solid kawi.

DirtyJohnny's KTM beast. Too bad he only has one bike. At least it's a nice one.

Fly2hi96's adventurized WeeStrom. Expertly handled. Riding behind this bike through the silt patches was like watching a bomb go off.

StG's WR. Finally someone with good taste in bikes.

Desertwater's machine. Our sixth rider from Hurricane. Too bad he didn't have a nicer bike for the "scenic route."

My WRR. 100% stock. Still going strong.

The Schoolhouse is really cool piece of local history. Really worth poking around and appreciating it. I think ringokelly and DirtyJohnny went to schoolhouses similar to this back in their elementary school days.

Visitor log for inmate signatures is behind the sign.

We have food/water, start to tell various lies, then get ready to move on.

One lap around the schoolhouse. Swingset out back.

Getting ready to go. Classic ADV bike and Mount Trumbull Schoolhouse pic.

On to Toroweap.

Ringokelly on the KLX 250.

Fly2hi96 on the WeeStrom.

StG on the little blue beast.

DirtyJohnny arrives. I think he already had to stop twice to dump more gas in to the beast.

Desertwater's KTM has the huge tank so he is good to go for days.

The WR is always quick out of the gate.

Short detour to Nampaweap to see the ancient rock art. All the guys probably agree that this was the best part of the whole trip. Especially the short walk in moto boots.

Bikes in the parking lot.

The rock art!

Getting closer to the good stuff. Road degrades a bit as you approach the Grand Canyon, but the scenery improves dramatically. Vast open spaces of the AZ Strip transform to the color and rock of Grand Canyon country.

Inmates all grouped back up at Tuweep.

Good sense of humor from some park ranger who probably was banished to Tuweep for 6 months.

Lined up and ready to go. We did a good job making sure no one took a wrong turn or got lost in a silt patch.

The Toroweap picnic table. Some fat and happy ground squirrels in this neighborhood!

The "money shot."

Mountainfever and his bike smuggling friend show up and flip us off. Friendly Canadian behavior. I wonder if they ride KTMs?

Bikes attracting attention from some cage tourists.

The line-up. At least the Toroweap Overlook was only 25 yards from the parking lot. Some of the guys were apparently tired from the Nampoweap hike.

Big KTM lying session. I'm sure Desertwater got in on this also. I just wasn't quick enough with my camera.

Couple of scenery shots as we picked our way back to Tuweep more slowly.

Yamaha guys sticking together.

StG taking a day off of work.

Typical piece of road in this section. Lots of slab rock, small ledges, some silt. Nothing to tough, but not fast smooth dirt.

Good scenery. This part isn't all about the ride.

Up close and personal with the rockiest little uphill. Coming down here. As always, it's steeper than it looks. Still well within reason.

More scenery.

Stopped in one of the deeper silt patches. These are actually more challenging than the rocky bits. Sometimes hard to see with dust from fellow riders. A soft silt patch will get your attention quickly if traveling at speed. Lots of strange tire marks and footprints in some of these silt beds.

The old road grader just before getting back to Tuweep.

At this point we got on the throttle a bit and spaced out to avoid the worst of the dust. We'd group at each major intersection. Didn't want anyone to inadvertently end up in Kanab.

Friendly little salute to all the local inmates and lurkers who couldn't join us. Maybe next time.

The WeeStrom taking off. Get that big dust cloud out moving. Very capable bike, but not really an off pavement machine.

We group back up just south of Colorado City.

Great riding with you guys. We'll make it happen again.






Ride safe out there, guys. Last group pic on the road.

Fly2hi96 airs up as we approach pavement. Now the WeeStrom is going to kick our butt.

Back in Hurricane we stop for food. And just a few more lies. Nice ride gentlemen. See you around.


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