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Do you need some help?

Another little interaction I forgot to write up, but want to add so I don't forget it. I was walking around in St. Emilion the other day and walked into a wine shop to look around. Obviously not much room on the bike for a case of wine, unfortunately. The proprietor, a nice man in his 60's, came up and asked if he could help me (I think) in French. Since I don't know how to say "I'm just looking" in French, what came out of my mouth was half way between saying that in English with a touch of German, since I know how to say "I'm just looking" in German. He was quick enough to catch both the English and the German, so we continued on in German. He asked if I was military, and I replied that my wife was in the the military, that she was at work and I was on a motorcycle vacation to Spain and Morocco.

He looked at me, smiled, and said in English "You do not need my help."
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