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All loaded up and ready to head out.

This was the first section of my route which lead me to the entrance of the Carrizo Plain at approximately 110 miles and 3.5 hours minimum.

With the help of several Advrider inmates I created my route. 500 miles up to SFO in 2 days is fairly ambitious. My plan was to avoid major freeways. The catch was that I still had to get out of the city. Here's Malibu pier heading out along the coast.

One of the many tunnels leaving Malibu Canyon en route to Ojai.

My plan was to take country roads leading out of L.A... And this backway into Ojai cut through the steep mountainous gorge behind Moorpark, and down into the fragrant orchards of Santa Paula. Ojai still has the quaintness of an old Spanish mission town.

Having the bright idea of posting the trip live was somewhat spoiled when I had to delay leaving 4 hours later to avoid the rain. Here's highway 33 out of Ojai. This steep winding ascent reminds me of roads in Germany.

Overlooking the entrance to the Carrizo Plains National Monument Area. Most people would be surprised how quickly desolation emerges outside of L.A., and this is a PRIME example.

Southern entrance to the Carrizo Plain National Monument.

Section two of my route which runs from Carrizo Plains to Los Gatos Rd. and Los Gatos Creek Campground.

I arrived on this 40 mile dirt section in Carrizo Plains late in the day and was nearly traveling through it in the dark.

I managed to cover the first 125 miles before dark but the sun was dropping fast.

I knew I wasn't going to make it beyond the Plains before dark and there still was another 150 miles to the Los Gatos Creek Campground. And the last section of the Parkfield Grade is going to be all dirt and very winding. I decided to shorten my route to Coalinga and forego the camping. The road up through Bitterwater and Cholame Valley is nasty broken blacktop, untouched by our tax dollars for years. I was riding directly through a large black thunder cloud but luckily it has decided not to puke on me yet. My new auxillary lights proved their worth directing me into Parkfield, a charming hamlet in the dead of night. And as I reached the dirt section of the old Parkfield wagon road I hit a light sprinkling of rainfall. The decent into Coalinga takes me forever as I nauseatingly wind my way to the bottom of the valley floor at 10:00pm. I grab a fleabag hotel and dine on my supply of powerbars. A long day indeed.

So, will I make it all the way to San Francisco tomorrow to see Pyndon? Stay tuned.
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