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R1200GS Final drive removal

Original final drive kicked the bucket at around 23K miles, bought a new one from Max BMW as well as some Galfer rotors. I was hoping that it would be a smooth process but I've had issue after issue. Bike is a 2006 standard GS

Right now I'm stuck on removing the collar that slides into the outside lower pivot point connecting the final drive to the swingarm. It moved a little when I removed the Torx bolt from the opposite end but it has not moved a bit since. Destroyed several drift pins and have pretty much come to terms with having to order all new collars and bolt.


Parts that are stuck

02 33 17 7 665 148 PIVOT PIN
16 33 11 7 684 996 GASKET RING - 38X30X2,5
10 33 17 7 665 149 PIVOT PIN

I've been following these instructions for the removal, but I'm not having any luck/missing something.

Any help or experience is much appreciated. I have never heard or read about anyone replacing one of these warlocks by themselves, so I'll do a write up when I'm done.
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