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I'm just another face in the crowd and don't know much about the tech, but what has bothered me in the past few years is all this tinkering of the regs, presumably to sort of level the playing field. But it also manufactures a phoney result. Both Red Bulls and Benz were slowed down to save tires and/or to conserve fuel. That last point is what, deference to the environmentalists? WTF, does two miles to the gallon instead of 1.5 really help save the planet? IMO, if one really wants to see who the best drivers are, give each one the same car, same set-up, and unlimited tires and fuel and let 'em rip. And the 'he who brings the most cash to the team gets to drive' is out of control.
The teams don't fill up the cars with any more fuel than is necessary to make it to the end of a race with a sufficient amount left in the tank for officials to inspect. Every extra kilo of fuel you're carrying is an extra kilo of weight you're going to need to accelerate and turn. In most cases, this leads to the cars being "under-fueled" meaning if the drivers drove at qualifying pace the entire race, they'd run out of fuel before they could reach the end of the grand prix. So, they have to exercise some fuel management during the race. On-track conditions (weather, battles for position, etc.) and just downright fuckups often throw a wrench of fuel strategies so we sometimes see more fuel saving at the end than at other times. And obviously, you need to protect your tires otherwise your pace will fall off as they degrade and you'll have to come in for another pit stop. It has nothing to do with environmentalism and everything to do with making sure the cars actually make it to the checkered flag.

With respect to your other point, what you're asking for is spec series racing and F1 isn't about that (nor should it be). Sure, it would be great to see how all the drivers would stack up running identical vehicles with personal setups they prefer, but F1 is also about the engineering of the individual teams. The technological arms race that takes place throughout a season is part of the appeal. That said, I think every F1 fan wants more close, wheel to wheel racing.
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