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Originally Posted by Kamchat View Post
Lol! - Recognise the 'quote'...yeah it's something close to 'FYYFF'
I do like their distinctive 'Zef style' and I really liked 'Enter the Ninja' which brought them to my attention a few years for Yo-Landi being gorgeous? ...hmmm she is one of those women you can't make your mind up about ...not traditionally 'good looking' but there is something about her.....probably her 'spirited' attitude?
Agreed. I also love the Zef style and their whole attitude. And Yo-Landi, well, she's a "love it or hate it" type. I love her. I think she's beautiful and extremely "cool". And her voice just gives me the creeps... in a positive way.
Yep, the translation is pretty correct. That's why I like it. Fits the ADV spirit.

Originally Posted by Kamchat View Post
Sounds like a great holiday riding Fat Boys on Maui ! I know what you mean about the 'scraping footpegs' problem, I had it when I rode the V-Rod here...... was still a 'hoot' though - plenty of 'grunt'.
Maui is just AMAZING. Best thing I've ever done. Breathtaking landscapes and the most realxed atmosphere you can imagine. Great climate as well. I'll definitely go back one day. And yeah, the 1600cc V-Twin has "some" grunt.. Traffic lights become fun.

Originally Posted by Kamchat View Post
Good to hear your riding season has started... still waiting here ...but should be any Sunday soon....
I decided to ignore the winter from now on and started taking the bike to work again. 0 C in the morning is not exactly warm, but with proper clothes no problem. At least the snow is really gone. I enjoy my viffer!
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