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how much to move rim over 10mm for proper alignment???

ok real bigman,,my answers/comments in bold/yello

Originally Posted by therealbigman View Post
Woody ,

These are the exact numbers I come up with , not exactly the same manner , but nevertheless , the same answere . 4.5mm

...there are ''hundreds of ways to Rome,,there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground''

I even mentioned this number to the builder before I sent thim and he said no problem.
,,,,there are some slow learners ut there!

I have a few sets of this setup and sent pics with a straight edge clamped underneath each rotor sticking out to edge of hoop showing where the hub should be located and sent pics of the 1 that's not correct to compare and he still cant get it .
,,,,like i just said,,,there are some....

Chain , with this number there is no chain rub with a 150 , I would imagine if ya wanted to squeeze a 160 in you could prolly cheat the offset over 10-12 mm if the spoke drill on the rim would allow that .
,,,,FYI,,,if ya move it over too far we may need to shorte the spokes on the side beinf moved to and lengthen the opposite may also need to have the holes re-angled and countersunk....
Now ,
How much to move my hub over 10mm , which is what its currently out .

1,,,,circa $50-60 to move over and retrue. if you are lucky [ we'll know as soon as we see it and tell ya what needs to be done.
2,,,an extra spoke kit if yours runout of thread
3,,,an unlace n re-lace/rim re-bore


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