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Originally Posted by cyborg View Post
It's a pretty tight fit to keep both levers but I managed it. Had to modify the switch cluster parts and break them apart and mount them to the Rekluse master cyl clamp and body.

On the top left module:
Light toggle: High/Low/Off
Kill switch

Below Rekluse master cyl clamp:

Mounted to the mirror base/clutch lever perch is what looks like a KTM Kill or Start switch that I am using for a headlight "Alert" High flash and also for programming the Skene Designs dimmer for my Baja Designs Squadron headlight.

On the far right, the usual KTM tripmeter switches.

Thats a lot of stuff on there matey. I can only assume you have a hook for a right hand
they don't make 'em like they used to. which is a good thing really
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