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Once again EXCELLENT!

I sense that the crying child or face of shame or whatever it's called, damn my a very moving place to be. I can relate to the depression type feelings, some days it gets the better of you and you think fuck it and just go back to bed!
You say no-one would think of doing the Road of Bones twice.....Hmmmm.....that sounds like a great adventure and if no-one has done it yet......why not?

I would love to say I have done something no-one yet has far I haven't come remotely close to it. It seems that as the sport of adventure riding gets more popular this RTW travel isn't as rare as you would think. Not saying the ones who do it haven't achomplished a fantastic feat IMHO, because they have. I wish I too could swing it one day, That is if my old tired body would allow.

A quick question....Where did you get the Name Not Dead Yet?
I have a company using that name also. I used to restore old Jeep vehicles back in the late 80's and 90's, I thought they weren't quite dead and I could bring them back to life. They ranged from 1947 upto the 1980's. Plus I had just broken my back and was recovering from that with the same thought in the back of my head about me. Now after a rear end accident I am the proud owner of 3 herniated discs and a plate in my neck it fits even more.
So I started a company called Not Dead Yet. I'm sure many people are using this same name, it's catchy imho. A month after getting it registered I found out a rock band had it too. And to think I thought of something unique lol.

It's a fitting name for this trip.......just love it. Now, where's the next
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