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Originally Posted by sw3dl1 View Post
I just came from the DMV Offices in Scottsdale from title and plates for a bike I bought last week. I was prepared for the no plate for no emission test problem, but to my surprise, the clerk handed me my title and plate without a problem. I asked her about the emission test, she stated it had been repealed as of April 1, 2013. Anyone else had this experience? If it's true, it's about time.
Maybe someone played an April Fools prank on her and you wound up getting lucky as a result.

In 2008, the Arizona Legislature passed House Bill 2280 authorizing the exemption of motorcycles from emissions testing requirements in the Phoenix area. The exemption requires the approval of the U.S. EPA by July 2014 (as authorized by House Bill 2033 in April 2010 and extended by House Bill 2073 in 2012).) A request for approval of the exemption was submitted to the U.S. EPA on November 10, 2009. An addendum was submitted on January 12, 2011. The U.S. EPA has not yet taken action on the submittal. The U.S. EPA proposed approval of the exemption request on November 5, 2012 (77 FR 66422) but has not yet taken final action on the submittals. At this time, motorcycles registered in the metro Phoenix area will continue to be tested.
I have a hard time believing that the EPA is taking 3.5 years to essentially nod their heads in our direction. This stuff is political, and we have a pet of the environmentalists heading our government. It's probably deliberately stalled just to screw with AZ since we're a red state.

The AZ legislature will probably have to re-authorize another extension of the waiting period from 2014 to 2017 or so, because Obama's EPA isn't likely to allow this through before 2016.

It's rather interesting that it received tentative approval on November 5th, 2012. The day before the 2012 elections. I expect it to get final approval some time after either the 2014 mid-term elections or 2016 when Obama is leaving office.

100% political.
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