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My DV Noobs Report

It was a fun 5 days. Thank you Joel and all the other volunteers who made this such a great event.

Unfortunately I am reading about too many injuries for the amount of riders participating.

We (my friend Ron and I) pulled in Tuesday morning and set up camp in space # 1. We stayed around camp on Tuesday getting all moved in and set up.

It was a full moon this week with great moonrises over the Panamint Range and Telescope Peak

Wednesday I led Ron, who had never been to Death Valley, through the usual tourist sites via pavement, Furnace Creek, Artists Drive, 20 Mule Tam Canyon. Would have done Badwater too but his damn scooter kept acting up. Turns out the air box tube fell off the carb and the rubber intake manifold cracked.

Furnace Creek

Artists Palette

Thursday Morning I led a ride to Ballarat, Wildrose, the Charcoal Kilns and Aguerreberry Point. Included were Mr & Mrs Elifino (Doug & Ann) in another Ural, Ratchdaddy (Paul), Ratchdaddy's friend (sorry, I forgot his name and handle), Don (Beats Workin ???), the aforementioned Ron and this Hyper Yamaha Dude (Mitchell???) who was always in a rush and finally passed me and took off on his own.

Ballarat was unchanged but I did get to chat with Rusty, the caretaker, for a bit (he smelled pretty good this time, he has been pretty rank in the past).

After Ballarat we took Indian Ranch Road, a nice dirt road past a couple of lakes and back to pavement to go up the hill to Wildrose and the Charcoal Kilns.

Older photo, I didn't take any at the Kilns this trip as I managed to park my Ural on its left side. Very minor injuries to both the bike and myself.

Next we proceeded to Aguerreberry Point but only the Elifinos, Ratchdaddy and myself made it to the top. Hyper Yamaha Dude went off on his own and Ratchdaddy's friend went to look for him and Ron broke down on yet another POS bike and Beats Working stayed behind to help him out.

The Elifino's


The view (sorry it was a hazy day)

Friday I led a ride to Rhyolite and Titus Canyon. Joining me were the Elifinos on dirt bikes, Don (Beats Working) and Geoff (GSequoia). Ron had nothing running reliably enough to join us. We slabbed it to Beatty for gas then stopped next at Rhyolite.

After Rhyolite we proceeded down the hill a half mile to the outdoor art exhibit

The carpet matches the drapes

Don (Beats Working) clashing with the "Last Supper"

The 4 dirt bikes coming up the to the pass before dropping down into Titus Cyn.

Doug (Elifino)

The famous Titus photo that everyone has

Ann (Mrs. Elifino) at the top of the pass.

Geoff (GSequoia) kicking back at Leadfield

Let me close with some Death Valley detritus (hash mark and all) seen at Leadfield ghost town

Unfortunately I had to leave around noon Saturday due to a family emergency so I missed all the evening festivities (drunk-fest).

I am looking forward to next year

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