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Hi guys sorry for taking so long to reply. So the status of the airy-hissing is still there. But be bike got me to Houston in 6 days with no issues. I went ahead and finally took her to the Sealy TX ural mechanic to get her serviced. She was leaking quite a bit of oil by the time I got here, so he said is with a valve cover.

I'm not an expert in these issues so I really don't know. Another thing that happened to me on the trip was the running lights and overall electrical system kept coming on and off. Sometimes all the running lights would work and sometimes just the bike and sometimes just the sidecar. Right now the bike itself has no running or stopping light.

He said he will check the whole bike out, listen for problems and fix the electrical issue. I think he's gonna tell me that the motor is just loud like that, but he already suggested that I upgrade to the herzog gears as a he said it will extend the overall life of my motor (since I really don't see myself selling this thing ever)
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