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The most I have heard in regards to a Husqvarna team is the slim possibility of a "B" level team as a feeder to KTM, however it is important to keep in mind that a bike would essentially need to be developed from scratch is a Husky is used as a platform. Keep in mind that the TE449RR was essentially the BMW G450X that was rebadged as a Husky using a husky motor. Speedbrain owns all the rights to that version as a rally bike which is why they are moving to homologate it as the first model from Speedbrain as a manufacturer.

Perhaps an easier and more logical move would be for KTM to rebadge the current KTM 450RR as a husky after they release the new version at the end of the year. That would give them a dated and heavy, albeit proven and reliable platform to develop future talent. Either way, I don't see Cyril going to Husky. As I hear it, his presence is not very welcome among the KTM or KTM related camps these days.
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