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So now there's 12 months MOT on the DMW. It went thru/ough without any problems - the plate's the right size and is now complete with rear reflector*, the brakes passed the percentage test and there was no sign of wobble on the needle when the fronts were tested, and all bearings etc. were well within acceptable firmness levels.

I'd like to try a late type** starter motor as I get the feeling the thing may be on it's last legs, and there's still trouble starting from cold, and an intermittent misfire at mid revs/mid throttle, but this seems the respond to WD40 so I still have a feeling it's electrical.

9167 miles ridden in the last year. Well, I say ridden, some of those will have been pushed...

* The aftermarket LED rear light unit has a clear lens rather than a coloured reflector type lens.
** That is 9 tooth starter for light (late) flywheel, either Bosch or Valeo - donations accepted :-)
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