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Originally Posted by BIF View Post
Hello Eustachius!

First off all thank you that sharing these RR with us. Hardly wait for continuing.

I'm extremely interesting for your report, because i plan exactly the same route for next year. Only difference is, that me and my friend attend to do these on ATV. Same feeling on four wheels...two more possibilities of tire puncture...hehehe.

Since I'm from Slovenia my trip will be almost the same long as your. What i will like to ask you (if it is not a secret) much money did you spend on your trip (gasoline costs, hotels, food, insurances etc....) All cost which you have from start till your come back home.

And of course if i could contact you for any other useful information?

Thank you.
I roughly spent about 1000 Euros/month. You can do it on less or on much more. I met cyclists who spent an average of 10$/day and they needed a lot of calories.
Average fuel consumption of my Transalp when I take it easy, and I usually do when I am on longer trips, is about 4 litres/100 kilometres.

I will be glad, if I can be of any help.
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