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Poll at the start of this RR

First, I would REALLY like to do a rally like this, especially in Europe. Clearly, a lot of interest from others as well.

I was thinking, now I'm thinking out loud, how to make this affordable for an average Joe like me. Here's what I came up with: if there is enough folk that will COMMIT far enough in advance we get a group together here in the states and obtain a 40' sea container. I think it would hold at least 20 bikes and all their riders gear. Load it up, unload and ride the rally, reload for the return.

Or, we could book space with a load of oil tools or such on a freight aircraft for our bikes, our gear, and us. No in flight movies or hot stewardess but sounds cheaper than commercial.

Some logistics expert please chime in, are these viable plans and if so what does that make the freight cost for each bike?

Further thinking how cost could be reduced, for example; Myself and others drive their trucks with trailers and with their bike to the shipping location and pick up other riders along the way.

Plenty more details to work out of course, but I think you get my drift.
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