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Thank you for posting your ride report. I truly do find it to be an interesting and enjoyable read. My observations, with respect:

1. I found it totally ironic, almost humourous that you visited a pork rhine (sp?) factory in Ohio given your physical size.... Notwithstanding having many pictures and photos of unhealthful eating items along your journey. It leads (and feeds) to many stereotypes about America and its people to others from around the world who visit this site. (Although, I don't doubt you consumed many banana's and apples along the way too, and I agree they aren't too interesting to write about when you compare them to a Phili-Cheese-Steak sandwich, or a slice of pizza bigger than a grizzly's paw.)

2. I also found your observation at the border crossing totally spot-on. The bufoonery of the Homeland Security Officer, and many of her colleagues, is mind-numbingly insane in the Ontario/Michigan corridor! This embarrassment of an individual should be ashamed she is a first-line of defense. "Where is your passenger?" Are you kidding me? These occurrences are also all-to-common and you've continued to write and show stereotypes about the good' ole U.S. of A. I must conclude they are trained & coached to conduct themselves in such a manner.

3. Your religious awakening/$20 gratuity is also a perplexing experience to a guy like me. I am not religious. I believe in things I can see, touch, feel, taste - science. This trip on your bike is real. Your beautiful wife is real. Staying upright on your bike is real. I don't take things of faith, nor do I take the word of some stranger (emphasis on strange) coming up to me in a diner and telling me that God put something in her heart to tell you something. Again, it continues to present stereotypes and characteristics about life lower than the 49th parallel.

At any rate, I am humbled that you've had this experience, you have a lovely missus at home, and you are doing what we all wish/want to do ourselves.
Drew Macaulay
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