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Or, maybe I'll ride her today! Got home from work and had a sneaking suspicion I had a full jug of 50/50 antifreeze in the shed. Sure enough. So I topped of the KTM and tightened down the remaining bolts and fasteners.

Then the moment of truth - would she start?

Turn the gas on, turn the key on, check the kill switch - it says "run", pull the choke and go through the ole 4T kick routine and kick and kick and kick and kick.

Check the kill switch - it says run

Pull the decomp and clear out the cylinder.

and kickand kick and kick and kick and kick and kick and kick and kick and kick and kick and kick and kick

Check the kill switch - it says run. Make sure the key is on. Try the hot start button

kick kick

Try half choke

kick kick.

Nothing. Not a pop. Not a fire, not a noise. I smell gas, so I know it's getting it. I check the spark plug wire, it's on. I check the kill switch - it says run.


It means slide the switch that way for it to fucking run. I knew this. I rode the bike all last summer. I dont' know why it didn't occur to me until 15 minutes of kicking the beast.

So I slide the swtich, and kick, and Pop!

I set the choke to half, and kick, and Pop, pa-POP! Pa PUPUPUPUPUPUPUP. Hurray! my bike runs and I'm an idiot!

So, I threw on the helmet and gloves and took her for a short spin. It took a little adjustment on the perch, but the clutch is working perfectly. No slipping at all. I really forgot how much I like this bike! It lofts the front soooo easily. And its so much more predictable with a good shock under the rear end.

But, there is a hesitation when go WOT. I'm guessing I've gone too lean on the main jet as I dropped from a 190 to a 170. I'll put the 190 back in this evening to see if it takes care of the problem. Then, I'll either leave it as is or maybe drop to a 180. Or, maybe I'll put the 170 in and raise the needle a click or two. It'll just take a bit of tweaking, but everything seems to be working like it should. No leaks on the sprocket shaft and no more smell of antifreeze when she's running. I'll post up some pics once I get her a much needed bath.
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