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I put a spare trans in my bike several years ago and rebuilt the clutch. It worked. But I was riding around everywhere like I was always angry. I would twist that wrist and rev her hard. I would bang up through the gears and again bang them down at the next light. I got really good at banging that box and only missed a gear or had it pop out of a gear or make really loud noises sometimes. Actually it would do at least one of these at almost every shift just not all of them at every shift.

One day I was tired maybe and so was riding around kinda slow. I noticed that I was not making as much noise shifting the box and it was staying in gear, gee. So I decided I would try to relearn how to shift my trans. I practiced preloading. I shifted with purpose but not rushing it. I rode a bit slower but that did not seem a problem. I did this for several months, this slow riding and careful shifting. I was determined that every shift was important and every shift would work like it should and I could do it.

After several months of this and I had not missed a shift or made a really loud noise with the gears for some time I decided I could increase speed. I could lead the pack again. Only I would still not miss shifts or bang fears.

It's been much better for a couple of years now and I will miss a shift once in awhile or bang the gears once in a weeks time maybe. But not like I used to ride.

BTW, I have a black bike and wear black leather and black shoes, I'm almost invisible but other drivers do seem to notice me. I get envious stares from guys and smiles from gals.
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