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Electronic nightmare in Reno

2008 990 Adventure will not start! When key is turned on tachometer cycles normally. When start button is pressed it clicks and sends the tach into another cycle. New battery, parasitic draw test negative, all fuses and connections appear good.

The situation: After valve check, new plugs, oil change and LED light install the bike started and ran well in the garage. Lights worked perfect. The bike then sat for a month due to my broken ankle, another story but didn’t break it on a bike. Month later…dead battery. At least it acted bad volts were down to 11.8 after a bunch of tries.
Charged battery with “Battery Tender” and next day started and ran well but next day, again the battery acted dead or weak. Did this routine for a few days and the bike progressively turned over less willingly and battery acted like it was just worn out and not taking a good charge.
Installed new QEM battery and started the bike but new battery went dead next day.
Now I have two seemingly good batteries and both will not put power to the starter, just clicks like a bad connection to the starter.

Does anyone have a suggestion for me? I am stumped and don’t have in-depth electronic knowhow to do more.

Anyone experience folk out there that can give me a clue?

Thanks in advanced…I’m really needing help here☹
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