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Originally Posted by advrockrider View Post
The only thing the wife said about buying the big girl was that she liked the grey one best! So guess what color I got, yep grey.... you know what they say, if momma aint happy ain't nobody going to be happy!!!! Orange would have looked good next to my orange side by side but everything I have read said grey was definitely the fast color... He, he thanks for all of the input and information...
It doesn't matter the color of the bike. You drank the Kool-aid. Pretty soon you'll have this bizarre attraction to orange things. It usually starts with the baseball caps.

Pretty soon you'll be looking for orange cell phone accessories.

After that, you start seeking out orange clothing.

And the obsession culminates with buying orange things that you don't know what to do with that you didn't really need but that you bought because they're orange.

The 12-step program starts not long after this point, but the good thing is that you can ride the bike to the meetings.
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