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I find this website interesting for a number of reasons.... Really enjoying reading about your ride report......

I just commented on a ride report written by an American, and I felt he fostered or emphasized (in my mind) many stereotypes and cultural norms about criss-crossing much of America and a bit of Canada. I noticed themes of obesity & unhealthly (sp?) food consumption, totally ignorant Homeland Security guards (border patrol), religion, mostly urban landscapes, and the like... I felt I was a bit harsh though to the guy.... I don't know the guy, and I didn't want to come across as crass or an ass. But as a cultural or sociological observation - it was what it was in my mind.

And I read yours - which I enjoy, but bottles of wine, language barriers, poor European weather, more rural landscape as compared to urban.... It all promotes many more European stereotypes and norms for this observer.

Kind of my point = you've probably crossed three or four borders by now - why is it that you haven't written about a border patrol officer who asks ignorant and untimely questions about your travels? Or why haven't you written about some passer-by who wanted to tell you that God has a message for you in their heart to have a great day? Certainly you've crossed an international border. Certainly you've met travelers as well. Why is it that there are just more norms that are written about and more prevalent in some countries/regions rather than others?

I know I should be just enjoying everyone's postings for the excitement and adventure that they represent. Mostly I do. But I can't stop myself from thinking critically and wondering why and how these stereotypes come about.

At any rate - know that my message(s) are with respect to both the American and the German writing their reports - please keep them coming. Go get them wives of yours! That is the only similarity between the posts.

These ideas/thoughts have just been on my mind lately. That's all.
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