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Originally Posted by Guy Young View Post
Well, I pulled the tranny a little while ago. And yes, the alignment dowels were corroded up and caused a little problem separating the tranny from the engine. We eventually got everything loose (at the expense of a good dead blow hammer), but guess that goes with the territory. And yes, the clutch is fried. ***Up to the owner to decide what clutch he wants to put back in it.*** Little bit of grunge around the input shaft of the transmission, but don't think there was enough weepage to cause the problem he had. As a precaution, we'll replace the seal upon reassembly.
Yeah, same with my guy's:


While yanking the transmission was a PITA, the biggest problem (and most time consuming) was pulling the clutch dust cover. The Torx side screws were in there so tight my bits just slipped and they wallowed out. The screw pockets were also pretty shallow and wouldn't allow the bit to get good purchase on the little suckers. Wound up having to use some vise-grips and back them out 1/8 turn at a time until they eventually came free.
I had one stick. We had to cut it off.


*** I know there is a number of aftermarket clutches out there, but am asking the collective for a recommendation. I don't think that the $$$ will be an issue (within reason); he just wants something that is far more robust than the OEM variety. This one, upon dis-assembly, was really, and I mean really, wimpy.

All pix of this little adventure at:

Looks like you had the same fun as me!

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