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I spent a few days with my gracious hosts in Omaha. I was writing a blog periodically, mostly for the sake of tracking miles and reporting back to those at home where I was, but I had to share that story from my previous post. Of course, I've come to understand a great deal more if the significance after a while to digest it and get more perspective.

My hosts had a big finished basement they let me have all to myself, so I got some much needed rest after a long day on the road. I did some laundry, too, which was now a luxury, being on the move so much.

I departed one morning westward bound for Denver to meet some old friends from NC who had relocated there in the past year or so.

Some cool airplane monumnet in Nebraska here on the side of the interstate.

I snapped a shot of this motel called the Gable View Inn near Lexington, Nebraska for some friends of mine that have Gable last names.

I took some video of the windmills along the way.

This was a very long day of riding for me, probably one of the most physically tiring ones so far on the trip. Very long, very straight, at high speed. I was very glad when I made it to my destination.

My friend Robert and Sarah lived in Denver at a church where Robert had recently been hired a the youth pastor. The church had a decent sized apartment right there on its for them, which was pretty cool. In addition to working at the church, they were both working a raft guides up in the mountains for a rafting company.

We went to a cool little place for dinner one night, and a "colorado style" pizza place another. The 4th type of pizza I'd tried so far (DC, NYC, Chicago, Denver). Hope it can give everyone a chuckle that the fat guy on the motorcycle ate pizza! Sorry I don't have a pic of the food, only the restaurant.

I had the days pretty much to myself while my contacts were at work. First day I rode around denver and explored a little. Took my tank bag in to a alterations shop and tried to have the zipper repaired, but no joy. Went by a motorcycle shop and tried to find rain gear. Nothing past an XL, but they could order me some to have in 7-10days! Yeah! I'd have to stick with my Levis and riding jacket.

The church hired me to photograph the grounds for the website, so that was a good chance to earn a little traveling money.

Also got a few shots of my friend's beautiful dog, Brighton.

One evening I had a chance to share about our non-profit and my trip with about 50 of the church members.

I spent part of my last day planning my route. I was headed to Jackson, WY next and decided to book a tour for Yellowstone. More later on that, but that was some of the best money i'd ever spent. Mary from NJ booked me 2 nights at the Parkway Inn.

I headed out July 2, 2010 toward Jackson, WY!

This was the plan, although not 100% in line with where I actually ended up going.

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