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I'll back track now that I remember I never posted about Miami....

So no shit there I Coming in US1, jumped on I95 to quick access the city. I stop in a Ft. Lauderdale starbucks (in the most flamboyant part of town might I add) and being to look at tent space. The only person in Miami on TS was in Jacksonville, FL for the weekend where I had just come from. I meet a woman named Judith, and she gives me her # incase I need directions or anything around the city.

I motor around to all the camp sites, full... Go to the major hotel chains, booked... I call my buddy Audstanley to see if he can hook me up with anything because coverage want so hot on the cell. One motel had an opening. I motor in, and everything is in spanish, abs I shared a wall with a strip club. WRONG SIDE OF TOWN HOMBRE!! I get out of mexiville asap, and call Judith to see if camping on the beach is an option, or if she knows anything I might have over looked.

Woman lets me sleep on her couch, makes me right at home offering drinks and foods. I had already eatten and it was probably 2300 eastern at this point. I just go to bed, abs in the AM she sends me off with 2 extra bungie cords, and 3 rice crispy treats. Incredible for only knowing me an hour over coffee small talks.

After everything I told her where ti find this thread. Thank you for everything Judith, your awesome.

Something yellow this way comes
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