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Originally Posted by boxerboy81 View Post
Well, I took it out but the vid was rubbish...different camera, poor res..
I won't get a chance for a few days now.

I did have lots of exhaust popping on overrun, which was something I had last time too, but it seems more now. The only difference is the 2.68 needle jets and new needles, verses the old 2.66 and well used & worn needles. Second spot for the needles.

The system is as tight as I can get it.
Thanx, I'd just like to hear it idle and rev while warm.

RE, the burbles
My experience with EFI is that burbling and what not are from being rich on over run.

Carbs not so simple maybe. There may be some back feeding of air from the tailpipe end when the throttle is closed due to reversion from the opening.

When you slam the butterfly shut, you cut the air, so the natural initial reaction would be rich.

On an EFI system, you make a setting in the computer to turn the injectors off when the throttle body closes.

My Porsche 930 burbles and coughs flames about 3 feet long on over run. Then I just click and say shut off injectors on over run and it's dead quiet, /Flame off

Are your plugs a little dark or black? How do they look?
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