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The next day the moto died again! I was across the street from a very nice couple who assisted as best they could. A traffic cop said he has a nephew that is a moto mechanic. He called him to come look at the problem. It was several hours before the mechanic arrived, When he did, he quickly surveyed the problem and was sure that it was the computer. I tried to explain to him as best I could the function of the Hall's Sensor, but it did not change his mind. By this time it was almost dark. The people across the street offered their garage for the night, so the moto strayed there and I went to a hotel, The mechanic was to pick me up the next morning and we would pull the moto to his shop.

I spent a lot of time that night and the next morning researching on ADV about the Hall's Sensor and its associated problems. With a lot of people's help and especially Liz in New Hampshire, I had better educated myself before the mechanic's arrival. BTW, while I knew the problem had a very small probability of being the computer, the mechanic seemed to be a competent person. To my delight, when the mechanic arrived the next morning, he had also been doing research during the night and now understood the Hall's Sensor needed to be checked.

One of the most scary thing I have ever done on a moto happened that morning! I was on the north shore of Lake Atitlan, there was no flat spots and all of the streets were very rough cobble stone. I forgot to change from flip flops to my riding boots before we left the hotel. When we arrived to the moto's location, the mechanic took out his rope and tied it to the back of his car. Folks this is no exaggeration, there was between four and five feet of distance between the front wheel of the moto and his bumper. That was a very very very scary ride!!! But we made it!

When we pulled the cover from the alternator, pulleys and the belt, parts of the Hall's Sensor literally fell out on the ground! Did I mention that I told the folks at the BMW Stealership that the Hall's Sensor was a likely cause of the problem when I dropped the moto off for it's nine day visit?
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