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Anders, Iíd like to start off by saying you are doing an amazing job. I would also like to ask how you seem to manage to be getting younger and better looking with age?
(never piss off the timing and scoring guys)

That said and with all due respect, your explanations are not always as clear to people with less than 10 years rally experience as you think. The rules are written for a 202 class, the racers who have never done a rally event need it written for a 101 class.

I asked you a direct question with an example and you gave two answers in the same sentence. After being clueless in 2011 after your long explanation on how timing worked at the drivers meeting. As I recall Mark McMillin stood up and tried to re-explain the basics. In 2012 I managed to get it figured out and not get any penalties because of my ignorance, but one for a late car repair.

You refer to a ďcardĒ, but unless something has changed, there is no card. The ďcardí is the timing sticker on the hood in my case. Do bikes have actual cards? In a car, you canít see the timing sticker on the hood, so I use a stopwatch. Can I get a card and have the control workers write my times on it? Getting in and out of a car is obviously more difficult then getting off of a bike.

Also staging for your start time seems to be a little confusing because when you show up in a car itís a bit of a C-F with no one really checking you in. As long as youíre visible when you are pointed in line, you seem to be fine. Is that different this year? Your explanation of this to Baja Dad is not real clear. ďMaybe. Maybe more, or a lot more, or maybe nothing. 10.1 doesn't guarantee penalties.Ē

As far as start order, it seems a little ambiguous. Iíll assume there is a change because 9.5 is in red. So if I get a flat tire that adds 10 minutes to my time I can do some paperwork that will move me up in the start order? I can show up with my race resume and it may move me ahead in the start order(or back!)? Where do I get the paperwork to fill out to protest my start position and will it be reviewed within the 3 hours of published starts? If I dumb this down for the lazy car racers, is it the fastest time starts first unless thereís someone that says they are faster or they got stuck? Why not go off of the OA race position so you know where you stand in the race?

Last year if you recall the car that was being scored about an hour behind me until day 4 started in front of me on Loreto. Should that have been a clue that there was a timing problem with that car? Should a car/bike that is shown on the posted time sheets that is an hour behind ever start in front of you? This leads me to believe that you are looking at a different time sheet than posted? Starting out of sequence at a stage with a published start order: 10 minutes

Doesnít a NORRA official line you up? If so, how is it possible to start out of sequence?

Iím not a rally guy and Iím a bit of a left brainer, but Iíve managed to get through life be reading directions and listening. Iím going to tell you again, ďwith all due respectĒ , that your explanations are not real clear to non-rally folk. If everything you are trying to explain is SOP in other rallies, you should remember that the car guys are not going to automatically understand it.

Iím not a whiner or a complainer, as you should know by what happened at the end of the race last year that affected the outcome based on timing mistakes. I donít really like all of the extra rules to have to worry about, but I can play the game if I understand the rules. My concern s that new racers/ralliers are going to get scared off before they ever get a chance to experience NORRA.
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