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Hello Eustachius!

Thx for your response. According to your answer I think my calculates are pretty OK. My plan is traveling for three months (approx.) And my calculation is about 6.000 EUR for the trip. Of course my fuel consumption will be between 8-10L/100km.

My calculates basic on average distance 250km/day. Is that realistic?...Some day more, some day less...depending of the terrain, weather, etc. On the paved roads my average speed will be around 80km/h...and I have some advantages on unpaved roads (4x4) and some sandy or mud conditions. So I think that my approximate speed will be around 50km/h...I think its pretty close to realistic.

However...i will contact you on PM...maybe we can arrange some meeting before Ill went on trip. Your information will be huge help for me.

Best regards.
Road conditions vary. In some countries it's like Europe. In other parts progress is much slower. 250 km/day - as an average, no problem at all, unless you have much rain in Mongolia or mud-slides somewhere in the mountains of Tadjikistan or Kyrgyztan. Of course, you never know about borders. My average distance was about 200 km/day or a bit more and I never had the impression that I had to hurry.
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