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Originally Posted by MTrider16 View Post
Wow, the chatter went away!?! Sorry Big E, I didn't mean to kill your thread. Is work getting in the way of more testing?

Hey No worries...... I went on a about 400 mile with an overnight in the San Mateo mountains, NM. Tested two things..... The Tune, as in this thread, and the Rekluse clutch. While I cannot comment on the Rekluse side, I will say that the fueling is absolutely fantastic. Videos uploading at this moment. But I still got 45 mpg clawing myself up a mountain in first and second. When playing around with the AT function ( on/off) I can feel that the moment I switch it on ( having it off to compare to the stock map) The bike begins to accelerate instantly..... mpg gers up 3-5 mpg...... And I have to throttle back to maintain the speed. Quite the thing. I will in the next few days have a look at the software, and perhaps just experiment with a 13.6-13.8 AFR, but that would merely just be to have fun at it. Correct fueled, and Rekluse....... It's silly. Have a look.....


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