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05 950 Adv- lost my clutch while riding-need some help

Beautiful day in Florida, and unseasonably cold this morning. Fully suited up, new helmet this week for my birthday(unfortunately a street helmet but still too much wind noise). Riding and enjoying the scenery and I noticed that the clutch engagement point was really close to the grip and the lever seemed spongy. I was headed toward home and realized it was getting worse and worse. Last 10 miles I had no clutch and was in town. If I could find neutral at the light fine, otherwise it just cut off. What a PITA.

So, does this sound like the clutch slave? How can I check and what is the preferred replacement?

I have 16K miles on it and i guess its getting to that age; far as I know its original and believe it has the original water pump and fuel pump too. scary to think about those going out.
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