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Wishing I was riding RTW
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Rjnutt had set up a "Noob ride" to Darwin and Olancha Dunes and back; so Marcia and I joined it. Marcia was really a Noob this year on two wheels. 14or15 noobs signed up for the ride but only 6 showed up. Apparently Jimmy Lewis was cracking the whip and wore those poor noobs out.

left Pomo (Pat) young guy with more energy and skill for all of us

middle Ladysdirtbomb (his screen name is worse than mine)

right Sandplow (Tony was thinking "I'll show these kids how the old school rolls)

Middle Rjnutt and endurobob on left (who can ride a bike)

Marcia and Sandplow on the road to Darwin

Stopped at China Springs to feed the Gold Fish

Stopped at the Darwin Dance Hall

I cut a rug with the King himself

All the screaming fans rushed me wanting pics and autographs (thats sarcasm. You might see it now and again)

We sent post cards from the post office

Rjnutt got his rabies shot although i think its too little too late

The Shell Gas Pump was plumb dry so NO topping off in Darwin

So off we go towards Olancha Dunes

Rest stop and check the GPS route

Ladysdirtbimb giving directions right before going the wrong direction (he had never been there didn't have a map or gps but that didn't stop him from giving his top notch sense of direction)

Pretty cool ride with Joshua trees out side of Darwin towards the Dunes

We made it to the Dunes Rjutt

Sandplow (really wishing he had Estart)

Endurobob ripping it up

Glamour shot

Sandplow too tired to kick it so he took a break and watched

I followed rjnutt over the top of the dune and saw this (the bike is facing the opposite direction it started. We had been going down hill not up the hill)

You ok? There had been some soft stuff that made the bike indo. Just some cracked ribs

His helmet made me want a sugar doughnut

Sandplow finally got his bike kicked over and started plowing some sand

Took a break at Olancha gas station

The corral of stallions

After some refreshment we headed back the same direction

sun was going down and shadows starting getting long This was NO Noob ride at the speeds Bob and Pat set. I didnt get any pics of Pat in the sand dunes cause he was too fast!
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