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Originally Posted by Bravo21 View Post
Received my stove kit today. Nicely put together, well thought out little package! I nearly killed myself when I took the wind shield out of the zip-tie. The thing whipped open like a switch blade and nearly slit my throat!

Just kidding. Everything is very well made and I couldn't be happier with this purchase. Looking forward to many hot meals and morning cups of coffee, thanks to you and your daughter!

Best Regards!

PS: Is the little bottle made of food-grade plastic? I was thinking of using it for olive oil since I'll carry a larger 16oz aluminium bottle for the methanol fuel.
The windscreen will lose its temper a bit after a few heatings and will become less "springy."

The bottle is a pharmaceutical HDPE and I *think* since it's a pharmaceutical plastic, it exceeds "food-grade."

Glad you like the kit!
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