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It seems like it's been a month or so since I left Alice, Texas when, in reality, it was only two days ago. I've tried several times to get this ride report written and posted. Hopefully, it'll be done today. Hopefully, the wi-fi works better here in the Giddings Public Library than it did yesterday at Mcdonalds.

Alice, Texas. I seems like I can never get an early start on the days riding. After riding all day, all I manage to get done at night is the pictures downloaded to the computer and then uploaded to SmugMug. I've always been an early riser so writing up the ride report in the morning works for me. Trouble is, it always takes so long. This morning, I don't pull out of the parking lot at the Days Inn until 9:37.

I had planned on taking some really backroads today but the developing muffler problem has me deciding to stay on a more main road route. I head north on hwy 281. Forty miles up the road is George West, Texas. There I pick up hwy 59. Hwy 59 would take me all the way to Houston but I'll turn north as soon as I see hwy 77.

In an earlier comment, bbjumper had asked about the bluebonnets. So far, I haven't seen any blubonnets. Now, I'm not saying that they weren't there but at 60mph, I hadn't sen any.

I had seen a lot of these.......

Quite a few of these.....

Ocassionally some of these....

And a couple of these....

Enough of these to pay for the entire trip....

and to my best friend, a few of these but I did NOT pick them up!

Just as I was thinking that bbjumper's friend must be pulling his leg about the bluebonnets, I top a hill and come across this.....

My little camera doesn't really do the bluebonnets justice in this picture.

At this point in the days ride I was north of Victoria, Texas. Maybe the bluebonnets south of Victoria had already come and gone. I don't know but from here on north, they were beautiful.

One of the things that I love about Texas is the county courthouses. The county courthouses of Texas all seem to have been built in the very center block of the county seat. Even if the county outgrows the courthouse and builds a new one, the old one is preserved where originally built. This is the courthouse in Beeville, Texas, county seat of Bee County.

And the clock in the tower even had the right time. Doesn't necessarily mean that the clock worked, I might have been there at just the right time. Even if the clock didn't work, it's still right twice a day!

As I rode along, I just couldn't resist taking a picture of this firehouse. I was wondering why they'd name a firehouse the Raisin Volunteer Fire Department.

Another mile or so, I found out. This is Raisin, Texas.

There were some comments earlier about small town speed limits and speed traps and such. I've pretty much learn that if you're riding into an area that has the least amount of build up, say an old falling down barn with a 30 year old tractor out front, you can pretty much bet that the speed through there is going to fall, probably drastically. In Raisin, Texas they have more than an old barn. There's a restaurant, a flea market and several other building but you can cruise through Raisin as the speed limit stays at 70. No speed traps in Raisin, Texas.

My ride into Giddings is uneventful but very loud. The muffler has vibrated itself to pieces. Where the crack was this morning, there is now a hole.

The rear muffler support has vibrated off the muffler completely. Notice the dark line just to lower right of the shock mounting bolt. It's not supposed to be there.

Here's a better picture.....

The swingarm is busted in half. That other piece of metal is the rear muffler support.

Since the swingarm is still on there, it's hard to tell that the swingarm bearings are also toast.

After assessing things, I decided to have the scooter taken to Greathouse Motorsports in Bryan, Texas. After the initial assessment, they're thinking that I might be able to get it back by next Saturday, 4-13-13. I'm hoping they're right. Working on my brother-in-law's house, the original reason for coming to Giddings, for a week is going to just about kill me.

If there's any thing new to report as the week progresses, I'll post and update. If not, I may not be back till after next weekend.
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